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Productize | Customize | White label

Rehash is a futuristic technology company building chatbots that are highly intelligent and smart. We have our hallmark chatbots designed for post-sale management activities and ordering food. They are christened as MysmartAbby & HungryChitti. These bots can be whitelisted for any company to represent their BRAND. Also we customize these solutions to any company and vertical. Our chatbots are designed to work on platforms like Google Assistant, Facebook messenger, Slack, Alexa, Google Home, Twitter, Skype, LINE, Telegram, Viber & Twilio.

Our Advantages
  •    Expert Team.
  •    Fully functional published BOTs.
  •    Custmization to meet specific business needs.
  •    Integration with any existing CRM.

Why Chatbots ?

Make Your Business Future Ready


Automate Business processes to simplify tasks and accuracy.

Enrich Consumer Experience

Increase customer touchpoints being on all channels and platforms.

Increase Sales

Upsell, Cross-sell along with increase in customer traction & stickness.

Provide 24/7 Support

Build virtual agents to meet on-demand customer services.

Reduce Human Dependency

Increase profitablity with reduced human errors and dependancy.

Increase Efficiency

Provide on-demand, attention services with future tech AI | NLP | ML

Next-Gen Smart BOTs

Artificial Intelligence | Natural language Processing | Machine Learning

My Smart Abby

Pre and Pots-Sale Management services BOT for consumer durable companies.

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Hungry Chitti

Food ordering BOT for Restaurants & Food delivery companies.

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Auto Bot

Post-Sale management BOT for Automobile Indusrty.

Coming Soon....

Google Assistant & Home

~400 & ~3 million Users

Facebook Messenger

~1.2 Billion Users

Amazon Alexa

~3.5 Million Users


~330 Million Users


Founders & Advisors

Sathya Narayana

Founder & CEO

Shruti Sinha

Founder & COO

Vivek Gupta

Advisor - Strategy

Madan Venurie

Business Development - USA